Asset Based lending can be the ultimate financing alternative solution for companies looking to maximize their borrowing capacity.

Through specific monitoring of your operations and collateral, we can underwrite credit lines that otherwise will not meet your typical lending criteria of most traditional financial institutions thus resulting in an opportunity for you to pursue your company’s goals.

  • Value Proposition: Asset based lending is designed to provide our clients with the funding and cash flow they need to grow their business, be competitive, and to deliver their products to their customers in a timely fashion.
  • IHC will fund your large invoices and pay your suppliers directly so you may deliver to your customers in a timely manner.
  • IHC enables you to borrow against your inventory allowing you to leverage those assets to help improve your cash flows and grow your business.
  • To the extent you have contractually-driven cashflows, IHC will allow you accelerate the cash to help manage your operating expenses.
  • IHC will provide you with an ongoing Revolving Line of Credit which you may draw from periodically. These are typically set up with a interest only period with a balloon at the end of term or can amortize after the interest only period