Why do I need it? If you are looking for a loan or a line of credit and have significant equity in a commercial property, you can leverage it with a commercial loan. Proceeds can be used for acquisition, unexpected expenses or for general working capital needs.

How does it work? We will get an appraisal for the property, and make an offer based off of a first lien position, at a competitive Loan to Value ratio.

How much does it cost? Our loans are typically priced between 16-19% APR and have terms of 3-5 years. We can also clients who need an interest only period for up to a year.

How long does it take? From the time you submit the application and due diligence materials, it takes approximately a week to underwrite, after which an appraiser is sent to value the property. To close the process takes approximately 4-5 weeks based on how quickly we can get the appraisal completed.

Submission/Approval Process? Initial submission for qualification consists of:

  • Completed and signed IHC application
  • Current financials
  • Details of property to be leveraged

Once this is all received and evaluated, IHC will issue the client a term sheet and closing list.